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Project - Grizzly Bear Creek Wind Power

Enel Green Power has been approved to construct 34 wind turbines south of the Village of Mannville within the County of Minburn and County of Vermilion River. Upon completion, the 152 MW project will generate 528 GWh of energy annually (equivalent to 73,000+ households) back to the Alberta grid. Construction commenced in April 2022 with a planned turbine in-service date by the end of 2022. 

The laydown yard and future operations and maintenance building is located on the intersection of Hwy 881 and Twp Rd 500.

Project Schedule
April 2022Road improvements commence, MET tower erection
May 2022Main road improvements complete
June 2022Intersection upgrades complete
August/September 2022Turbine erection
December 2022Project in-service 

Any questions or concerns, please contact Karina Cail, Site Coordinator at

Community and landowner inquiries: Toll Free - 1-800-430-9285

August 15, 2022 Update:

Turbine delivery is underway (27% of components have been received) and components are starting to be assembled. Roughly 11 components/day are entering the project area off Hwy 881.

WorkDescriptionPercentage Complete
Foundation Overall Completion21 foundations poured49%
Substation Construction

Turbine erection and mechanical overall completion

August 1, 2022 Update:

Turbine delivery is starting. Construction is continued on access and municipal roads. 

WorkDescriptionPercentage Complete
Foundation Overall Completion15 foundations poured40%
Substation Construction
Collection Lines

July 15, 2022 Update:

Few weeks away from turbine deliveries. Deliveries are now expected the week of August 1. ATCO Electric has been working in the area installing the transmission poles. Poles installed on Rge Rd 83 during July 16 weekend.

WorkDescriptionPercentage Complete
Access Roads29 have been constructed, now finishing then granular, 5 remaining to construct90%
Municipal RoadsPreparation for deliveries. Calcium chloride dust control is planned to be re-applied prior to turbine deliveries85%
Foundation Overall Completion10 foundations poured28%
Substation ConstructionConstructing the substation building7%
Collection LinesCompleted fee B which is a short feeder line north of the substation. Currently working east of Rge Rd 83.3%

June 23, 2022 Update:

  • 28 access roads are under construction
  • 15 turbine pads have been excavated
  • 5 turbine pads with rebar are under construction (this is where cranes are present), 3 complete
  • 2 turbine concrete pads have been poured
  • Trenching and cable placement started this week. Collection line on the north end of the project has started. Approximately 700m/day is being completed.
  • Turbine component deliveries are scheduled to start the week of July 18
  • Laydown yard work trailer install is 95% complete. Material has been arriving daily so landowners can expect to see lots of cranes in the area where the contractor has been offloading. One of the main cranes will remain in the laydown yard.

May 12, 2022 Update:

  • MET towers have been erected.
  • County road improvements continue and are expected to be completed in the next few weeks.
  • Temporary road widening and turning radii will be scheduled at a later date.
  • Calcium chloride dust suppression is scheduled to start on Friday, May 13.
  • Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) permit and Water Act approvals have been approved; private access road activity will increase and pad construction will continue. 
  • Turbine foundation construction commencing.
  • Underground utilities planned to commence install  on May 24.

April 4, 2022 Updates:

  • Contractor (Pennecon) commencing County road improvements on Rge Rd 83, starting from the south at Twp Rd 490 and working north. Construction traffic includes graders and gravel trucks.
  • Contractor will be performing preconstruction civil work on private landowner's property. 
  • In the areas of work activity, construction signage will be in place.

Map of haul routes, turbine locations, and intersection upgrades:

Visit the Developer's website for further details on the project.

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