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The ASB performs brushing services on county roads according to priority and budget. All regrowth the following season is controlled with a systemic herbicide.

Weed Control

The ASB conducts weed inspections on private property in the county and may take enforcement action where necessary in order to prevent spread to neighbouring land. The department is also responsible for weed control on our local roads and public land and provide weed control services on private land for priority weed such as Toadflax, Tansy and Scentless Chamomile.

Livestock Identification Program

The ASB provides a Livestock Age Verification program where producers can bring their calving and tag information to the Agricultural Fieldman’s office and enter the data on the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency database.

Pest Control Program

We have identified the following pests as priorities for monitoring:

  • Bertha Army worms
  • lygus bugs
  • cabbage seed pod weevil
  • fusarium head blight
  • Clubroot of Canola disease

The ASB conducts surveys for the above pests and posts all data from these surveys on the Alberta Pest Monitoring Network.

Beaver Control

The ASB provides blasting services for the removal of beaver dams in streams and rivers in an effort to prevent flooding of agricultural land and protect municipal infrastructure.
Beaver Harvest Incentive Program

The County of Minburn is committed to municipal infrastructure from water movement problems related to beaver activity through the private harvesting of beavers. County ratepayers or residents are eligible to receive $20.00 for each beaver carcass harvested within the municipal boundaries of the County of Minburn. The carcasses must be presented to the Agricultural Service Board office, at which time one front paw will be removed and the ratepayer/resident will be asked to complete an affidavit. Those presenting beaver carcasses to receive the incentive for the disposal of them. Hunters/Trappers will be responsible to ensure that landowner permissions have been received and that all applicable provincial regulations in regard to hunting/trapping are being followed.
For further information on the Beaver Harvest Incentive Program or to arrange an appointment, Darwin Ullery, Director of Agriculture and Utility Services at 780-603-4480.    

Policy ASB 2002-01-A available here.

Beaver Bounty Affidavit available here.

Click here to view/download ASB program policies and documents.