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Public Schools are available throughout the County. The County is part of the:

The education system in the County is excellent. Quality instructors, a varied curriculum with specialist programs, and modern facilities and teaching aids ensure that all students have access to a full and rewarding education.

Schools are run with the philosophy that education is a joint responsibility of the student, school and home. Parents play a vital role by participating as volunteers or by providing valued input into discussion on new programs.

The schools are used extensively by the Vegmin Learning Network, local recreation boards and the community at large. Students also take advantage of community facilities such as curling rinks and swimming pools.

The bus system provides transportation throughout the County and also enables students to participate in field trips. Trips to other provinces and countries are often arranged, and exchange students are frequent visitors to area schools.

All schools in the County are committed to developing and maintaining challenging programs which meet the needs of every student. School programs stress excellence.  An extensive award system recognizes achievement in scholarship.

All schools offer a second language option.

In addition to the academic program, there is a full range of vocational programs including food preparation, beauty culture, automotives, electronics and business.

The County’s comprehensive physical education and extra-curricular programs add another dimension to the learning experience. Students participate in a variety of activities including team sports, music clubs, talent festivals and science fairs.

The County has a thriving Early Childhood Services (ECS) program which benefits from a high degree of parent support.

VegMin Learning Society and other community groups also sponsor a variety of adult education courses.