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Churches also play an important role in the community life. Places of worship representing all faiths are located in the towns and rural areas.

Alberta Conference Corporation of 7th Day Adventist Church

Situated on 1.64 acres, NW-19-51-10-W4M (Rural Address: 51325 Rge Rd 110)

Built in 1935. 1,176 sq ft.

Cemetery on 0.86 acres of land.
Catholic Parish of St. Nykolaya
Also known as Buczaz or New Buchach
Also known as St. Nicholas Parish

Situated on 2 acres, SE 34-52-11-W4M, 52516 Hwy 870 north of Innisfree

Built in 1959. 1,732 sq ft.

Legally designated as the Catholic Parish of Saint Nicholas of Greek-Ruthenian Rite united to Rome of Innisfree in the Province of Alberta, Dominion of Canada.

Buchach Hall located across the road.

Catholic Parish of St. Wozdwizenie Czesnohokresta

Situated on 4 acres, NE-6-52-10-W4M, (Rural address: 15110 Hwy 626)

Built in 1945.  1, 032 sq ft.
Church of England, Parish of St. Albans
Also known as the Chailey Church

Provincial Historical Designation June 6, 2000
Municipal Historical Designation June 16, 2014

Situated on 1 acre, NW-20-52-9-W4M (Rural Address: 52331 Rge Rd 95)

Built in 1908. Constructed of wood with a square tower and arched windows. Capacity of 36 people seated.

School/community centre located across the road.

Cemetery located southeast of the church.

The church was officially closed in 1978.
Church of England Mission of St. Helens
Also known as St. Helen's Church
Also known as Stellaville Anglican Church

Provincial Historical Designation August 15, 2000

Situated on 1 acre, NW-13-49-8-W4M (Rural Address: 49221 Rge Rd 81)

Built in 1912, 448 sq ft, a wood frame, gothic structure with a stained glass window shipped from Italy. Window was relocated to St. Savior's Anglican church in Vermilion.

Church served the communities of Stellaville, Clovelly, Creighton, Tankerton, Scotstown, Ethan, Windermere and Brockville until the 1970s.

Structural reminder of the first settlers to the district.

Northwest Canada Conference (Evangelical Church)

Situated on 1.5 acres, SE-2-51-15-W4M (Rural Address: 15110 Hwy 626)

Built in 1965.  1,958 sq ft.
Old Colony Mennonite Church of Two Hills

Situated on 8.01 acres, SW-12-54-15-W4M (Rural Address: 54101 Rge Rd 151)

1 story building, 6,400 sq ft, built in 2013
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish
aka New Kiew Ukrainian Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas
aka New Kiew Ukrainian Catholic Church of Holy Ascension

Situated on 10 acres, NW 22-53-13-W4M (Rural Address: 53319 RR 133)

Originally built in 1918 with one dome for approx. $5,500

March 1946 inception of Ukrainian Catholic Women's League (UCWLC) who look after the parish, fundraising and community events.

New Kiew Hall located here.

Cemetery on 4 acres of land.
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish

Situated on 3 acres, SE-27-52-8-W4M (Rural Address: 8204 Twp Rd 524)

Built in 1950, 1,062 sq ft
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Dominion of St. Mary Sich-Kolomea
aka Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Mary

Provincial Historic Designation May 9, 2001
Municipal Historic Designation August 20, 2012

Situated on 1.5 acres, PT. SW-5-54-15-W4M (Rural Address: 54001 Rge Rd 155)

A wood-frame church constructed in 1926 by Joseph (Jarema) Janishewski.

A bell tower added in 1963 stands north of the church.

Valued for its design which features a cruciform plan with a central drum and onion-shaped dome, 4 smaller domes each bearing a Orthodox cross.

Place of worship for Ukrainian immigrants.

The name Sich-Kolomea was taken from the two schools established in the immediate vicinity of the church with the Sich School located one mile east of the church and the Kolomea School located four miles south of the church. The term "Sich" was used by the Cossacks of Ukraine for a permanent military fortress. The term Kolomea was named after Kolomyia, an important centre in the region of Galacia in western Ukraine.

Zion Church
Also known as Zions Gemeinde Church of Brush Hill
Also known as Brush Hill Reformed Church

Situated on 2.87 acres, NE-10-53-14-W4M (Rural Address: 14201 Twp Rd 532)

Built in 1916 by German-Russian immigrants to Canada. First settlers arrived in the general area in 1910.

Prominent bell tower and arched windows.

Historic marker on site that reads "Cairn erected July 1995 in memory of the Pioneers who built the Brush Hill Reformed Church in 1916 on this site".

Stands as a landmark to the community.

The name Reformed Church was used until June 26, 1934 when the Evangelical Synod and the Reformed Synod United. After that it was known as the Evangelical and Reformed Church.

Brush Hill cemetery nearby.