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Churches also play an important role in the community life. Places of worship representing all faiths are located in the towns and rural areas.

Alberta Conference Corporation of 7th Day Adventist Church
(NW-19-51-10-W4) (Rural Address: 51325 Rge Rd 110)

Catholic Parish of St. Nykolaya
(SE-34-52-11-W4) (Rural Address: 52516 Hwy 870)

Catholic Parish of St. Vozdvyzhenia Chesnoho Khresta

Church of England, Parish of St. Albans
(NW-20-52-9-W4) (Rural Address: 52331 Rge Rd 95)

Church of England Mission of St. Helens
(NW-13-49-8-W4) (Rural Address: 49221 Rge Rd 81)

Northwest Canada Conference (Evangelical Church)
(SE-2-51-15-W4) (Rural Address: 15110 Hwy 626)

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish
(NW-22-53-13-W4) (Rural Address: 53319 Rge Rd 133)

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish
(SE-27-52-8-W4) (Rural Address: 8204 Twp Rd 524)

Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Mary
(SW-5-54-15-W4) (Rural Address: 54001 Rge Rd 155)

Zion Church
(NE-10-53-14-W4) (Rural Address: 14201 Twp Rd 532)