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Division 1:

Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton (Mannville Cemetery)
Pt. SW 29-50-8-W4M
20, 50409 Rge Rd 85
Contact: Village of Mannville - 780-763-3502
Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corp. of Western Canada (Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery)
Pt. SW 29-50-8-W4M
10, 50409 Rge Rd 85
Contact: Village of Mannville - 780-763-3501
Mannville Cemetery (Catholic)
Pt. SW 29-50-8-W4M
50415 Rge Rd 85
Contact: Village of Mannville - 780-763-3500
Minburn Cemetery (County-owned)
Pt. NW 11-50-10-W4M
10119 Twp Rd 502
Contact: Allan or Hazel Nutt - 780-593-2256
Hutterian Brethren Church of Mannville
Pt. NW 31-49-8-W4M
Contact: Peter Tschetter, Mannville Hutterite Colony - 780-763-3079

Division 2:

Innisfree Cemetery (County-owned)
Pt. NE 10-51-11-W4M
11201 Twp Rd 512
Contacts: Sheila Whitmore - 780-592-0008
Hazel Nutt - 780-581-4440
Hutterian Brethren Church of Mixburn
Pt. NE 34-48-10-W4M
48518 Rge Rd 102
Contact: Mixburn Hutterite Colony - 780-593-3981

Division 3:

Alberta Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Seventh Day Adventist Innisfree Cemetery)
Pt. NW 19-51-10-W4M
51325 Rge Rd 110
Catholic Parish of St. Vozdvyzhenia Chesnoho Khresta (Innisfree Cemetery - Holy Cross Catholic Church)
Pt. NE 6-52-10-W4M
Catholic Parish of St. Petra and Pawla (St. Peter and Paul Cemetery - Catholic)
Pt. NE 4-52-10-W4M
52032 Rge Rd 103
Contact: St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church - 780-764-3860
The Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton (Chailey Cemetery - Anglican)
Pt. NW 20-52-9-W4M
52331 Rge Rd 95
Contact: Nita Magdiak - 780-366-2221
United Church of Canada (Methodist Church Cemetery)
Pt. NW 21-51-9-W4M
51331 Rge Rd 94
Contact: Vegreville United Church - 780-632-2338

Division 4:

Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (Hillock Memorial Cemetery)
Pt. SW 18-52-11-W4M
Contact: Edmonton Branch - 780-424-2037
Akasu Hill Cemetery (County-owned land - abandoned cemetery)
Pt. SW 10-52-13-W4M
Surrounding land owned by Mike Sturmay - 780-658-3936

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church (Lampburg)
Pt. SE-16-52-12-W4M
12302 Twp Rd 522
Contact: Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy - 780-424-5496
St. Peter's Cemetery Co.
Pt. NW 35-52-11-W4M
52517 Hwy 870
Spring Creek Cemetery Co.
Pt. NE 24-52-11-W4M
Contacts: Violet Nedzielski - 780-592-3773
Rose Hook - 780-632-3833
Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corp. of Western Canada (Pioneer Cemetery of St. Nicholas - New Kiew)
Pt. SW 20-53-13-W4M
Gemeinde Church of Brush Hill (Brush Hill Cemetery - Zions Church)
Pt. SW 14-53-14-W4M
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish (New Kiew Greek Catholic Cemetery)
Pt. NW 22-53-13-W4M
53319 Rge Rd 133
Contact: Peter Pauk - 780-658-2225

Division 5: 

Ranfurly Cemetery (County-owned)
Pt. SE 15-51-12-W4M
12202 Twp Rd 512
Contacts: Dana Boere/Chad Bown - 780-632-1416
Hutterian Brethren Church of Vegreville
Pt. SW 20-50-13-W4M
50315 Rge Rd 135
Contact: Edward Tschetter, Vegreville Hutterite Colony - 780-658-2332

Lavoy Cemetery (County-owned)
Pt. SW 5-52-13-W4M
13432 Twp Rd 520
Contacts: Pat Durie - 780-658-2291
Jeanette Jamieson - 780-658-2427

Division 6: 

Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton (St. Martin's Cemetery - Catholic)
Pt. SW 35-51-15-W4M
20, 51515B Rge Rd 152
Contact: Stanley Badry - 780-632-3272
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada (West of Inland)
Pt. SW 13-51-16-W4M
51211 Rge Rd 161
Contact: Office of Western Dioceses - 780-455-1938

Division 7: 

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish (Warwick Greek Catholic Cemetery)
Pt. NE 36-53-15-W4M
Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation of St. Vladimir (Royal Park Cemetery)
Pt. SW 32-52-15-W4M
Contact: Eli Tanasiuk - 780-632-3498
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Mary the Holy Virgin at Kolema (Sich-Kolomea Cemetery - Ukrainian Greek Orthodox)
Pt. SW 6-54-15-W4M
54013 Rge Rd 160
Contact: Robert Semotiuk - 780-922-6998, 780-446-5932