The Minburn County Fire Department (MCFD) consists of 26 paid on call firefighters across 2 fire stations (Villages of Innisfree and Mannville) and one full time Regional Fire Chief, Mike Fundytus. MCFD was formed in 2022, amalgamating the Villages of Mannville and Innisfree fire departments. MCFD provides fire and emergency services from the County of Minburn eastern border to Hwy 36. 

Mission Statement:

We are committed to protecting life, property, and the environment of our community through the delivery of fire supression, fire prevention, medical first response, and rescue services. 

A fire permit must be obtained before conducting a controlled burn. Fire permits are now available online, at the County of Minburn Administration office or by contacting your County Councillor. There is no fee for a fire permit. Click here to apply for a fire permit.

A fire permit may be suspended or cancelled at any time by the County of Minburn or the Minister responsible for enforcing the Forest and Prairie Protection Act. The fire permit holder will be notified via telephone if the fire permit has been cancelled. Upon receiving notice of cancellation, the person concerned shall immediately extinguish any fire set pursuant to the person’s permit.

Please keep your fire permit on your person or in your vehicle while conducting a controlled burn and be prepared to produce this legal document to fire personnel or the RCMP upon request.

Individuals not obtaining a fire permit will be invoiced at full cost when Fire Departments are called in to respond to fires within the County of Minburn No. 27. Violators may be prosecuted under authority of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act of Alberta.

Obtain a Permit for Fireworks here.

A list of burning guidelines will be noted on the fire permit issued. These guidelines will ask that you burn safely during calm weather only. The fire permit holder must ensure the fire is attended and supervised at all times until completely extinguished. Proper fire guards (black soil) should be made around the burn site using a heavy disc or other suitable farm equipment before the burn is completed. The fire guards should be a width of at least 15 meters.

Where the debris is a result of land clearing operations, the resulting debris should be windrowed in not more than 60 m lengths with an 8 m break between each 60 meter length. Windrows should be separated from other parallel windrows by not less than 15 meters. No windrow should be closer than 25 m to uncleared land or standing hazardous fuels. No person shall set more fires at one time than can be controlled by the people and equipment immediately available.

County residents are not allowed to burn the following items at any time:

  • Animal manure
  • pathological waste
  • non-wooden material
  • waste material from building or construction sites excluding wooden material not preserved
  • combustible materials in automobile bodies
  • tires
  • rubber or plastic or anything containing or coated with rubber or plastic or similar substances
  • used oil and preserved wood or wood products

Stubble Burning

  1. Written confirmation of liability insurance for stubble burning will be required from the insurance agent or insurance company when a request for a fire permit to burn stubble is received from the landowner.
  1. The permittee is totally responsible for the safe control of the burning herein authorized.
  1. A minimum 50 foot cultivated fire guard is to be prepared (fire guard means an area around the proposed burn area where appropriate action has been taken to stop the spread of the fire to areas not meant to be burned).
  1. A minimum of two adults must be in attendance at all times during the burn period.
  1. A maximum of 40 acres is allowed to be burned in any one occurrence.
  1. Burning cannot occur unless winds are under 12km/hr in order not to endanger any adjacent property, and wind conditions must be such that any smoke emanating from the burn will not create a road or public hazard.
  1. Tractors and field implements capable of guarding the fire are to be in place at all times during the burn.
  1. If burning is authorized within a ½ mile of a provincial highway, the permittee must post smoke hazard signs available from Alberta Transportation.
  1. Burning permits should not be issued in the fall if it would leave the soil vulnerable to erosion.
  1. The permittee must notify the County Fire Chief at least 1 hour prior to burning.
  1. The permittee must abide by any regulations or conditions for stubble burning stated on the fire permit issued by The County of Minburn.

NOTE:    “Stubble” means any harvested or unharvested herbaceous plants or plant parts, standing, spread or in swathed windrows grown on land

Fire Fees
Response by County fire department or mutual aid partners to accidental structure fires, wildland fires, or rescue operations on private property within the boundaries of the County of Minburn$500.00
Response to deliberately set or gross negligent structure fires, wildland fires
Pumper$630.00 per hour
Rescue$630.00 per hour
Rapid Attack$630.00 per hour
Tender/Tanker$630.00 per hour
ATV/UTV$150.00 per hour
Command Unit$185.00 per hour
Response to Motor Vehicle Collisions
Pumper$630.00 per hour
Rescue$630.00 per hour
Rapid Attack$630.00 per hour
Tender/Tanker$630.00 per hour
Command Unit$185.00 per hour
Rates subject to change in accordance with Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation Policy TCE-DC-501.
Fire Bans/No Fire Permit
Burning during a fire ban/restriction or without a fire permit$1,000.00
False Alarms
1st Callout$250.00
Subsequent CalloutsFull cost of response at above rates
Fire Code Inspections and Investigations$85.00 per hour
Mutual Aid
As per the rates defined in the mutual aid agreement with the requesting municipality.

Click here to view our Fire District Boundary map.

We have a great group of people, but are always looking for more!  

We are actively recruiting for members at the Innisfree and Mannville locations.

To apply please download the Application Form, complete and submit either by:

Email to: mfundytus@minburncounty.ab.ca or,

Mail to:

County of Minburn

Attn: Mike Fundytus

Box 550, 4909 50-Street

Vegreville, AB   T9C 1R6

Do I need a fire permit?

Fire permits are required all year round and can be applied for online or at the County Administration building.

How much does a fire permit cost?

Fire permits are free!

Do I need a fire permit for a burning barrel?


What am I allowed to burn?

Brush and fallen trees, wood or wood products not containing preservatives, straw, stubble, grass, weeds, leaves, and tree prunings.

What am I not allowed to burn?

Animal manure, pathological waste, wood or wood products containing preservatives, rubber or tires, plastics (including baler twine), oil, and containers that held pesticides or chemicals.