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Any building 240 sq. ft. or larger (150 sq. ft. or larger within any residential, recreational, or commercial land use district) requires development permit approval. Prior to any groundwork or construction, a development permit must be approved and, in most cases, approvals under the Safety Codes Act of Alberta must also be obtained. It is strongly encouraged that proponents schedule a pre-application meeting with the Planning & Development Department prior to submitting a development permit application to ensure a more streamlined permitting process. The County of Minburn public GIS system can be used to plan your development and use your aerial photo for the site plan. For more information on development permitting processes, please contact the County’s Planning & Development Department at 780-632-2082.

Development Permit fees can now be paid online using Option Pay.

Application Forms
Development Permit Application
On Site Sewage Checklist – New Development
On Site Sewage Checklist – Subdivision
Elevation Floor Plan – Garage
Elevation Floor Plan – Quonset
Farm Building Declaration

Application forms must be completed for all proposed developments, including change in use of existing development or access, within 300 meters of the provincial right-of-way boundary or within 800 meters of the center point of an intersection of the provincial highway with another public road. Application forms must be completed for all proposed signs, including sign information changes within 300 meters of the highway right-of-way boundary or within 800 meters of the center point of an intersection of the highway with another public road.

Application Forms
Roadside Development Application
Application for Sign Installation Near a Provincial Highway


The necessary Safety Code Permit approvals are required for certain types of development. Please contact the Inspections Group for Safety Code Permit and inspection inquiries.

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2019 Building Code Changes

All you need to know about the New Home Buyer Protection Act

Application Forms
Building Permit
Gas Permit
Electrical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Private Sewage Permit-Holding Tank

Fee Schedules
Safety Code Building Permit Fee Schedules

Safety Code Permits and Compliance Reference Guide
Building Permit Energy Code Information
Certified Private Sewage Installer List
Private Sewage Treatment Systems Separation Distances
Deck Template Application
Modular Mobile Home Info Sheet
Manufactured Home Building Template
Credit Card Agreement