Fire Bans

Periodically, drought conditions warrant the implementation of a fire ban to protect against the possibility of a large wildland fire. A partial fire ban may be implemented, whereby only cooking fires in designated picnic areas are permitted, or a total fire ban may be implemented and all fires, including cooking fires, are banned within the County.

All valid fire permits issued before the fire ban is implemented are immediately cancelled. If the fire ban is lifted due to improved weather conditions, a new permit must be obtained to burn debris.

The County of Minburn will post information immediately if a fire ban is implemented. This information will be published in the local newspapers and announced on the radio stations 840 CFCW and Country 106.5 for at least two consecutive days. A telephone call-out to permit holders will ensure all current fire permits are cancelled. Additionally, information on fire bans can be obtained at the Alberta Fire Bans website Under extreme drought conditions, a fire ban for the entire province may be issued by the Minister responsible for the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

The use of burning barrels is not permitted during a partial fire ban or a total fire ban. County residents are urged to haul their garbage to designated landfills during a fire ban.

Fire and Emergency Costs

A $500.00 call-out fee is levied for all fires occurring within the County of Minburn. Additional charges may be incurred for the use of additional supplies such as fire fighting foam. These charges are billed directly to the landowner. The $500.00 call-out fee applies regardless of how many hours fire crews are on scene.

A different schedule of fees pertains if a fire occurs to a motor vehicle while on Primary, Secondary or Country roads. These fees also apply for response to a motor vehicle collision where fire crews are required for scene control and extrication. This fee schedule is based on provincial rates as determined by Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation and is currently set at $615.00 per large truck per hour and $185.00 per small truck per hour.

Fees for false alarms and penalties for unauthorized burning will be issued.

Fees are as follows: