The County offers residents a relaxed, yet vibrant, lifestyle as a result of both urban and rural influences. Two major centres — Vegreville in the west and Mannville in the east — and the smaller communities spread throughout the County ensure an availability of supplies and services.

Services are geared to all age groups, including day care for young children, clubs for boys and girls, continuing education for adults and a network of drop-in centres for seniors.

In addition, the County of Minburn’s excellent leisure facilities attract sports tournaments throughout the year. The facilities encourage family participation and allow for year-round recreation programs. In addition to organized recreation, the County offers a diverse outdoor experience at its campgrounds, picnic sites and parks.

The County is part of the Kalyna Country Tourism Zone. Visitors will find a wide range of tourist and recreational opportunities in the area.

Community Facilities
Service clubs, agricultural societies and 25 community halls are centres of activity.

Community Halls
Division 2: Woodville Community Association
(SE 31-49-11-W4) (Rural Address: 49510 Rge Rd 115)

Division 3: Bowling Green Homemakers
(SE 3-51-10-W4) (Rural Address: 10208 Twp Rd 510)
Braes Community Centre
(NE 17-51-9-W4) (Rural Address: 51218 Rge Rd 94)
Bruno Community Centre
(SW 11-52-10-W4) (Rural Address: 10132 Twp Rd 521)
Chailey Community Association
(NE 19-52-9-W4) (Rural Address: 52332 Rge Rd 95)

Division 4: Fairwood Community Centre
(NE 34-53-14-W4) (Rural Address: 14205 Twp Rd 540)
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish (New Kiew)
(NW 22-53-13-W4) (Rural Address: 53319 Rge Rd 133)
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas (Buchach)
(SW 35-52-11-W4) (Rural Address: 52515 Hwy 870)
Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Education Society
(SE 12-52-11-W4) (Rural Address 52116 Rge Rd 110)

Division 5: Lavoy Hall
(Lavoy Action Society) 4923 – 51 Avenue
Ranfurly Hall
(Ranfurly Agriculture Association) 5119 – 49 Street
Lavoy Senior’s Centre
4924 – 52 Avenue

Division 6: Old Vegreville Society
(SW 35-51-15-W4) (Rural Address: 51515 A Rge Rd 152)
Imperial Community Association
(SW 3-51-14-W4) (Rural Address: 51001 Rge Rd 143)

Division 7: Park Grove Community Centre
(SE 14-53-15-W4) (Rural Address:15116 Twp Rd 532)
Sich Community Centre
(NE 32-53-15-W4) (Rural Address: 53530 Rge Rd 154)
Warwick Hall (T. Shevchanko Community Association)
(SE 06-54-14-W4) (Rural Address: 20, 14514B Twp Rd 540)

Churches also play an important role in the community life. Places of worship representing all faiths are located in the towns and rural areas.

Alberta Conference Corporation of 7th Day Adventist Church
(NW-19-51-10-W4) (Rural Address: 51325 Rge Rd 110)

Catholic Parish of St. Nykolaya
(SE-34-52-11-W4) (Rural Address: 52516 Hwy 870)

Catholic Parish of St. Vozdvyzhenia Chesnoho Khresta

Church of England, Parish of St. Albans
(NW-20-52-9-W4) (Rural Address: 52331 Rge Rd 95)

Church of England Mission of St. Helens
(NW-13-49-8-W4) (Rural Address: 49221 Rge Rd 81)

Northwest Canada Conference (Evangelical Church)
(SE-2-51-15-W4) (Rural Address: 15110 Hwy 626)

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish
(NW-22-53-13-W4) (Rural Address: 53319 Rge Rd 133)

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish
(SE-27-52-8-W4) (Rural Address: 8204 Twp Rd 524)

Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Mary
(SW-5-54-15-W4) (Rural Address: 54001 Rge Rd 155)

Zion Church
(NE-10-53-14-W4) (Rural Address: 14201 Twp Rd 532)

Medical Services
First-rate medical services include in-patient and out-patient care, chronic care, occupational and physical therapy, and dental and eye care.

The Yellowhead Highway and the network of regional roads ensure all residents easy access to the County’s two hospitals–Mannville Municipal Hospital (Phone 780-763-3621) in Mannville, and St. Joseph’s Hospital (Phone 780-632-2811) in Vegreville.

The County is served by two health units: Vegreville (Phone 632-3331) and Minburn-Vermilion (Phone 780-853-5270).

Public Schools are available throughout the County. The County is part of the:

The education system in the County is excellent. Quality instructors, a varied curriculum with specialist programs, and modern facilities and teaching aids ensure that all students have access to a full and rewarding education.

Schools are run with the philosophy that education is a joint responsibility of the student, school and home. Parents play a vital role by participating as volunteers or by providing valued input into discussion on new programs.

The schools are used extensively by the Vegmin Learning Network, local recreation boards and the community at large. Students also take advantage of community facilities such as curling rinks and swimming pools.

The bus system provides transportation throughout the County and also enables students to participate in field trips. Trips to other provinces and countries are often arranged, and exchange students are frequent visitors to area schools.

All schools in the County are committed to developing and maintaining challenging programs which meet the needs of every student. School programs stress excellence.  An extensive award system recognizes achievement in scholarship.

All schools offer a second language option.

In addition to the academic program, there is a full range of vocational programs including food preparation, beauty culture, automotives, electronics and business.

The County’s comprehensive physical education and extra-curricular programs add another dimension to the learning experience. Students participate in a variety of activities including team sports, music clubs, talent festivals and science fairs.

The County has a thriving Early Childhood Services (ECS) program which benefits from a high degree of parent support.

VegMin Learning Society and other community groups also sponsor a variety of adult education courses.

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