Nominees for the 2017 Election

Official List of County of Minburn Nominees for the 2017 Municipal Election

Name Division  
Joseph Nafziger 1
Richard Wagner 1 Incumbent
Derek Saskiw 2
Eric Anderson 2 Incumbent
Roger Konieczny 3 Incumbent – Acclaimed/Elected
Dennis Durrer 4
Clifford Wowdzia 4
Emil Dmytriw 4
Tara Kuzio 5 Incumbent – Acclaimed/Elected
Greg Muzechka 6
Carl Ogrodnick 6 Incumbent
David Melenka 7 Incumbent – Acclaimed/Elected

2017 Roadside Mowing Program



 The County of Minburn No. 27 Agricultural Service Board will be commencing the roadside mowing program in 2017. The program will consist of mowing all road allowances with up to a fifteen foot cut from the shoulder into the ditch. Persons wishing to cut hay on a road allowance need to complete all cutting prior to the mowing contractor’s arrival. If hay has been cut and is in swath, mowers will go around that particular swathed ditch however all standing grass will be mowed with absolutely no exceptions.

The County will commence mowing after July 15, 2017.

For further information please contact Agricultural Fieldman Darwin Ullery at 780-632-4033.

Preparation of Combined Assessment/Tax Notices

Notice is hereby given that the 2017 combined Assessment/Tax Notices have been prepared and mailed June 1, 2017 to all taxpayers as per Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

The Assessment Roll is available for review at the County of Minburn No. 27 office during business hours. Any person wishing to make a complaint about assessment must do so in accordance with Section 460 MGA within sixty (60) days from the date on the combined Assessment/Tax notice (Section 309(1)(c) MGA). A complaint must be in the form prescribed in Section 460(2) MGA and must be accompanied with the fees detailed on the back of the combined assessment/tax notice. This form is available at the County of Minburn No. 27 Administration office.

All assessed persons are deemed to have received their combined Assessment/Tax Notice as a result of this publication.

Myrna Swihun
Taxation Supervisor