1) Online Fire Permits are available at www.minburncounty.ab.ca (County website). Under the “Fire Permits” title.

2) Click on “Fire Permit Request”. This will open the Fire Permit form which must be completed.

3) Complete all the required fields on the Fire Permit form.

4) Drop down menus are provided for Legal Land Description and what type of material is to be burned. If the material you wish to burn is not listed select “Other – List in Details Section Below” and provide this information in the Details box provided.

5) Provide an effective date for the Fire Permit.

6) Check the box that you will accept full responsibility for your controlled burn.

7) Check the appropriate box stating that you are the owner or agent of the land and have authority to burn on this land.

8) Select required pictures in the “captcha”.

9) Select the “Send Permit Request” box. Your application will be sent to the County of Minburn for review.

10) Please allow for 2 business days for your permit application to be processed. If your fire permit application is accepted a copy will be emailed to you with a Fire Permit number, expiry date and stamped “APPROVED”. We recommend that you print a copy of this approved permit and have available at your burn location. Fire personnel or RCMP may request this document when you are conducting your burn.

11) An original copy of the approved Fire Permit will be mailed via Canada Post to your home address.

12) If your permit is not approved you will be contacted by telephone or e-mail by the County of Minburn.

13) Please call 1-877-842-9911 before and after your burn is complete.

“Regular” Fire Permits will continue to be available at the County of Minburn Administration Building in Vegreville or from the County Councillor in your area. Fire permits are also available from the UFA located in Mannville by contacting Brad Laurenceson (Deputy Fire Chief, Mannville Fire Department).

Please be patient when waiting for your online fire permit to be returned to you during the busy fire season in spring and fall. If you require a Fire Permit immediately they are available at the County Administration Building in Vegreville.

All active Fire Permits will be cancelled during a Fire Ban. You will be notified by telephone if your fire permit is cancelled. Upon cancellation ensure your burns are safe and the fire is completely extinguished. Fire Ban information for the Province of Alberta is available at the Alberta Fire Bans website or by calling 1-866-FYI-FIRE.

This information is also available by calling the County of Minburn Administration Office at 780-632-2082 or by checking on the County website.

Open burning (brush piles, straw, grass or other debris) is not allowed within hamlets or Sub Divisions located within The County of Minburn. Burning barrels are not allowed within Hamlets or Sub Divisions located within The County of Minburn.

Always remember to be fire smart and use extreme caution when using fire pits, burning barrels and while conducting any open burning.