Fire Districts

Historically, fire protection for County residents was provided by two fire cooperatives, the Mannville/Innisfree Rural Fire Cooperative and the Vegreville Rural Fire Protection Association. These cooperatives collected fees from land owners and received operating grants from the County of Minburn for purchasing apparatus and paying fire fighters for responding. The Mannville/Innisfree Rural Fire Cooperative disbanded in 2006 and the County assumed control of fire protection in the eastern portion of the County on January 1st, 2006. The Vegreville Rural Fire Protection Association disbanded in 2007 and the County assumed control of fire protection in the western portion of the County on March 1st, 2007.

Fire Protection for County residents is provided by the three fire departments operating within the boundaries of the County of Minburn No.27 (see map). These three departments are the Vegreville Fire Department, the Innisfree Fire Department and the Mannville Fire Department. The three departments are contracted through Fire Service Agreements to provide protection within the County.

Fire Districts

Ambulance Districts

County Council has established a Municipal Disaster Services Agency to deal with matters relating to emergencies and disasters in the County. A Director and Committee have been appointed to be in charge of the agency.

All divisions back each other up as necessary, thus ensuring adequate protection for the entire County. Mutual Aid Agreements with surrounding jurisdictions provide additional access to protection services.

Emergency Service Districts

Mutual Aid Agreements

To date, the County of Minburn has entered into mutual aid agreements with the County of Two Hills, County of Vermilion River, County of Lamont and the County of Beaver. The County of Minburn also has a mutual aid agreement for the control of wildfires with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. These agreements allow fire fighters and fire apparatus to legally cross boundaries into neighbouring municipalities to assist the local fire departments as required. Costs and responsibilities associated with responding are clearly outlined in these agreements thus eliminating confusion during the event or calculating billing information afterwards.

The County of Minburn continues to work with neighbouring municipalities and mutual aid agreements with other partners are currently in development stages.