In February of 2011, the County of Minburn Council passed a new bylaw named the “Burning Bylaw”. This new bylaw states that fire permits will be required for the entire calendar year, January 1st to December 31st. A fire permit must be obtained before conducting a controlled burn. Fire permits are now available online, from the County of Minburn Administration Office, the Agricultural Services Board or by contacting your County Councillor. There is no fee for a fire permit. Fire permits do not apply to outdoor fires which have been lit for cooking or warming purposes (camp fires).

In most cases, fire permits are issued for a two-week period which allows the permit holder a window to complete the burn when weather conditions are suitable. If the permit holder is not able to complete the burn during the time noted on the permit a new permit will be issued.

A fire permit may be suspended or cancelled at any time by the County of Minburn or the Minister responsible for enforcing the Forest and Prairie Protection Act. The fire permit holder will be notified via telephone if the fire permit has been cancelled. Upon receiving notice of cancellation, the person concerned shall immediately extinguish any fire set pursuant to the person’s permit.

Please keep your fire permit on your person or in your vehicle while conducting a controlled burn and be prepared to produce this legal document to fire personnel or the RCMP upon request.

Individuals not obtaining a fire permit will be invoiced at full cost when Fire Departments are called in to respond to fires within the County of Minburn No.27. Violators will be prosecuted under authority of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act of Alberta.