Roadside Spraying Program

The County of Minburn No. 27 Agricultural Service Board will once again be operating a Roadside Spraying Program for the control of noxious weeds and brush in the 2017 season. If you do not wish to have spraying completed adjacent to your property, “DO NOT SPRAY BETWEEN SIGNS” signs are available from the Agricultural Service Board office.  There is no charge for these signs however landowners are responsible to erect and maintain them on their property.

A reminder, however, that if a landowner does not want adjacent road allowance sprayed, the landowner will accept full responsibility for noxious weed / brush control on said road allowance, in accordance with County Bylaw 714 – 1973.

If you should have any further questions regarding the roadside spraying program please contact Darwin Ullery, Agricultural Fieldman at (780) 632-4033.



A Declared Pest under the Alberta Agricultural Pest Act


Incidences of Clubroot of Canola Disease are on the rise in the County of Minburn. Clubroot is a soil borne disease spread by the movement of topsoil from one parcel to another on machinery.

Clubroot Disease causes large galls to form on the root of a healthy canola plant which limit uptake of nutrients from the soil and cause premature ripening, shrivelling of seed and shelling out of the pods.

These galls then mature and release several hundred thousand spores into the soil. These spores then attach themselves to the soil and are ready to be spread around the field or to other parcels by attaching themselves to machinery.

Preventative measures include:

  • Taking precaution to ensure all machinery is clean and free of topsoil prior to moving to another parcel.
  • Utilizing varieties known to show resistance to the Clubroot pathogen (although resistance can break down and prove ineffective in a tight canola rotation).
  • Spread out Canola rotations to limit spread and spore content.
  • Recreational and Industrial users – Please insure you have permission of landowner prior to entering property and that your equipment/all-terrain vehicle is clean and free of topsoil both when entering and exiting the land.

So far all known instances and detection of Clubroot disease have been located in the area of the County west of highway 36. No incidences have been located in the area east of highway 36; however preventative measures should still be undertaken.

For further information please contact the Agricultural Service Board Office at